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{September 12, 2010}   Odds and Ends

Friday 6pm.

I’m all dressed up with my hair straightly loose rather than the usual super-tight-in-a-ponytail look. I put on that red shoe thinking if I can’t impress Mr. Fahrenheit with that “I’m pretty good with numbers” favorite line maybe that favorite thing can do a little trick.A feel-good-music entitled I gotta feeling by BEP keep playing in the background. I feel confident. I have a date!

5;55 It seems like I was walking around against a backdrop full of rainbows and dollar signs.

5:56 – 6:04 I met Mr. Fahrenheit. We firmly shook hands. He said I said then it’s a huge mess. But I still managed to shook his hand. Bid goodbye. Smile awkwardly. [walked out]

6:05 I found myself on an empty street on a boulevard of broken dreams. Literally and emotionally! (as green day very well put it in a song).

Damn! This must be my lucky day. I very well dressed up to show for an appointment to say, “No, I’m a Filipino. And I guessed that’s what I realized before I came in (in a friendly voice). Before you asked me to come in! (I-want-to-shout-but-I-can’t voice!!). And I guess I put it in CAPITAL BOLD LETTERS for your eyes to see, times four BIGGER than my contact details’ font size.You didn’t notice?  Okay. Thanks. Bye!

I admit it. It was beyond disappointing. I know this is part of the job-hunting process and it’s been normal and it’s not even a big deal and you always have to expect the worst, but that’s not the point. My point is, okay I got it, you overlooked it and it’s fine by me. But for the love of god maybe there’s still one in one million ways to say it to me without acting like you are insulting me and accusing me like I was the one insulting someone here. It’s not only disrespecting…it’s also rude!

Oh did I mention that no shoes allowed inside? That part of the dramatic exit was me asking this girl “ Can I get my shoes?” and she never minds? That I pulled into that closet and all eyes on me while I was wearing my shoes back and walked out? Shame.

Nobody told me to keep my hopes up. I just did!

And yeah. Shit happens!!!


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