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{September 4, 2010}   Because of You

Diamonds are not the only things that last forever. Save yourself from shame for writing things you’ll regret after. Or better yet, try not to write directly online when you’re about to burst in full-blown tantrum.

I wonder what sort of words would come out if I write straight to this page instead of my draft-edit-proofread-cut-edit-draft routine. Also because, I had a pretty little argument with my sister just a few minutes ago. And it starts and ends with Kelly Clarkson’s because of you music video. She was like I-don’t-get-it-I-need-your-opinion-suggestion-or-reaction-to-agree-with-me. While I was on the if-you’re-so-bound-and-determined-to-know-then-go-ask-the-director-himself. But what got me so riled up is not because of the fact that she was raising voice when things didn’t go her way but so much of the fact that we’re so alike that I ended up pointing that my opinions are right too. The weird thing is that, we’re too old to argue on such things but we always do. And it bothers me.Yes, my sister and I still drive each other insane. My sister and I still love each other to death.

Because of you…………


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